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Tierney Smith

I'm telling you. If you believe that God is leading you to take these classes, then don't hesitate. Every since I have been taking these classes, my life has tremendously changed! I have never been so happy in my life!
My faith has increased, I have moved closer to my destiny and I know who I am and because of that, I am unstoppable, in Jesus Name.
In this class, God will take you deeper in Him, you will increase in wisdom and knowledge of the word. And many questions that you may have had for years will be answered!! 
Don't hesitate, If you want to grow deeper into the things of God, want to know who you are, Sign up. 
GOD has anointed Apostle Deanna Dixon to teach these classes and you don't want to miss out on what He is doing in the end times.
Don't delay, let's go!!!!

Ladavia Drummond

Prophetess Dixon, I have a bachelors, 2 masters and a doctorate and I can't say that any of that challenged and stretched me in the way that this class has. Your class is blessing me beyond all comprehension and I'm eternally grateful to you and our Father to be a part of it.

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Andrea Skerrett 

Life changing and awesome!

Shawntee Garrison 

Awesome classes and an anointed and powerful teacher!!!!!

Sade Gilmore 

Very eye opening and powerful classes!!!

Trevor Stanley


Cassandra Scott

 Yes they are very powerful!! These classes have helped change my life spiritually i have definitely gone up another level!

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​Schavonne Johnson

Before this class I never knew how to be happy; what it really feels like to feed my soul. I have learned that a bad day doesn't mean a bad life and even the bad has some good in it. I've learned that it is ok to not be like everyone else and to be separated from what I've always known. I can honestly say that even when I was in college I didn't try this hard to learn more. Even though I'm a few minutes late to log on to class everyday because I take my daughter school, I log on as soon as I can or if I have an appointment, I'm listening while muted during that time as well. There were a series of things that lead me to believe this class was for me. It has opened my eyes not only to see things and understand things within myself but in my daughter as well. In this class I have made friends with people who really see me, without judgment. I had be looking for a place to go where I would be celebrated and not just tolerated. I have found it. God Bless You All. Go out and continue to be amazing.

LaTanya Shoemaker-McCants

classes have been a true learning experience. Everything is not gloom and doom. I've learned that a lot of it is spiritual warfare and these classes equip you to identify it and how to overcome it. You were created in God's image. That means you were not destined to fail. This class pushes you to go deeper and aim higher.

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