Prophet James

Apostle your doing a GREAT WORK !!! Many Sons and Daughters of the KING Are being birthed its not all glamorous work seeing the blood and afterbirth when the child enters. GREAT ATTACKS comes against GREAT DELIVERANCE look at the example of JESUS. Also your doing a GREAT HONOUR taking care of your Father . I took care of both my parents before they went on to GLORY it wasn't easy but truly BLESSED me . LOVE YA Prophet James we appreciate YOU !!!


I know even as Apostles, Prophets/Prophetess, and others, you sometimes need to be encouraged as well. Some people may think because you are in leadership you don't go thru or get worn down. But, I know we do! We must encourage each other. And because I know you have a love for God first and for most you also have a love for His children. You teach with everything in you. So I don't mind giving honor where honor is do!!! I am proud to say you are my Spiritual Mother, My Mentor, My Friend, but most of all A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH KING!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND I LOVE YOU DEARLY!!! You stay encouraged!! Stay on the battle field for the Lord!! We are a soldier in the army of the Lord!!! ~ Kim God Did It For Me~

​Tamara C Jones 

This testimony is so real, i just start sowing to this ministry as well, and i'm talking bout God moved so quickly i never seen anything like it before... I truly thank God for giving me direction.. Love You Apostle Deanna Dixon.. Glory to God! 

Felica Moreland 
I have to testify today that God is good...I wanted to give thanks to the most High God...I have been sowing seed into good ground Apostle Deanna Dixon Ministries and since then just last month and this month my bonus have double platinum bonus and this month has not even ended yet and reached already max does matter who your sowing seed too and I can truly say that the Morelands are sowing good ground this day Amen...Glory to GOD...thank you my spiritual Mom Deanna Dixon♡.

Kenneth Battle 

The prophetic class today was just like it was handed down from heaven. I found myself in tears at one time because I knew it was ordained by God. If you have been called to be a Prophet or do not want to miss this training. Its real.
Radiant Dominique My God this is on time in my life. It was a confirmation the whole time. Just knowing i cannot own my life and be happy i have to allow the Father to have His way the class is in the right hands God is truly stirring up His Prophets we must arise! Hallelujah!

Venus Clay 

AMAZINGLY AMAZING !!! Could. NOT stop the TEARS SOOO HUMBLE That GOD chose ME!!!!!

China Rhea 

I love you Deanna class was very awesome I learned a lot and I will walk boldly and dwell in the lords presence more according to psalm 23 I will fear no ever.


Prophetess so much confirmation!!! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!

Maria Fickling 

This was a wonderful class. Thank you for so much conformation. I love you.


very informational and gave me a lot of insight of what i have already been experiencing and has experienced.….confirmation for me as well as the others,,

Where do I begin? This message is but a portion of all I could say, but at the least, I extend gratitude and pray blessings for you. At the beginning of this fast you made mention of it being life changing. I would never have imagined to this degree! I am forever thankful to God for allowing His power to flow through you, to His people. The anointing oil holds the power of God. The prayers and prophecies obtains His glory, and my life is forever changed. I have hope. I have a future of prosperity. I have a stronger relationship with The Savior Of The World. My God, my God....I know what it is to be kept by God. I have received the Holy Ghost fire during this fast. I've been delivered in so many areas of my life!!! My story is so elaborate and my relationship with God is so deep...who would have thought? I possess so much Godly wisdom that through the Spirit, you have released, and I thank you. I thank God for you being a part of my life. You are one that I will forever consider a God sent lifeline, family, spiritual mother, and I love your spirit because it's real. You are rooted in God and you bear the fruit thereof.
Feel free to stay in contact. I don't know why, but as I type this I begin to hear Ruth and Naomi. Being that Naomi helped Ruth walk into her destiny... Find it funny, but I feel that like-bond.
All glory be to God. Thanks for the opportunity. Thanks for laboring not only on my behalf, but on behalf of all others that you may not even be aware of. I just couldn't hold it back, you were heavy in my spirit, and honor must be given where honor is due.
God bless you and keep you with long life and prosperity,

Ally Bally 

Hello my mother in zion ☺....I must say that your teaching was powerful, and most of what you say confirms what I received from the Lord in December,and I literally break down in tears (TEARS OF JOY)....PROPHETESS I THANK THE LORD FOR YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY AND I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.



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